Blue Sky Research Group, LLC
Product Retrieval

The Product Purchasing/Retrieval Service is one of Blue Sky’s core business services.  We provide clients with a straightforward, timely avenue for procuring samples.

We coordinate the purchasing, packing and shipping of perishable, non-perishable and fragile goods, both domestically and internationally.

Whether you need 1 sample from a 1 market or 1,000 samples across 100 markets, we can manage your project request.  No purchase is physically or logistically too big or too small.

· Any product category

· Regional, national and international coverage

· Any outlet type (retail, specialty, wholesale, restaurant, internet)

· One-time or ongoing purchases (weekly, monthly, quarterly)

· Multiple sizes, styles, colors, flavors, package types and quantities

· Specific date code searches

· New product sweeps

· Shopping in, and shipping to, a single market or multiple markets

· Product labeling

· Domestic and international shipping options

· Time sensitive shipments

· Product warehousing

· Shipping your product samples and related materials directly to Home Use Test participants

· Personalized service from start to finish